Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec
For over 120 years Canadian Baptist of Ontario and Quebec have been helping churches live healthy and mission-minded. Mount Hamilton Baptist Church has been a part of the CBOQ family for 90 of those years.

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Canadian Baptist Ministries
For over 120 years Canadian Baptist Ministries have been supporting missional endeavors throughout Canada and around the world.

True City Small

TrueCity is a movement of congregations in Hamilton, ON who recognize God has called us to join Him in His mission to bring His best to our city and beyond. As we have journeyed together over the past seven years our congregations have learned that we need to simultaneously pursue mission at a congregational level, at a collaborative Church-in-the-City level, and as God’s people scattered daily across all sectors of our city.

Pumpkin Patch Day Care Centre
Pumpkin Patch
In the 1970’s Mount Hamilton Baptist Church started a day care centre that is called Pumpkin Patch. It has developed into a widely respected program that provides a professionally led, child centred program, in a Christian environment.