Impact Hamilton


A summer program that gives students and volunteers and opportunity to serve their community.


Adventure Camp (Summer Day Camp)

We make these camps either very affordable by offering them at half or less than half the cost of similar camps or by offering them free to people who are in need. We offer creative and fun activities that provide safe and enjoyable experiences for participants. Some years we have worked in partnership with other children agencies to provide free spots to hundreds of children.

Summer Activities

While our summer activities have been slightly different over the years. We have had some commonalities. Each year we ask, 'How can we empower people to impact our city for positive community and social change?' Here are some of the ways that young people have made a difference in the last 15 years:

  • Co-ordinating and running Community Gardens in partnership with a local food bank
  • We have volunteered at a local food bank and run food drives
  • We have run summer day camps in partnership with local churches and community groups, particularly those in low-income areas of the city
  • We have provided free picnics and parties in the park for neighbourhood children
  • We have done work at local housing shelters and soup kitchens
  • We have helped in seniors garden
  • We have participated in local community festivals
  • Clothing Give-Away
  • And sooooo much more

Summer Student Opportunities

Each summer, high school and university students are given an opportunity to use their summer to make a difference.
Here is what we do with High School and University Students:

  • Each spring we do a survey of needs in the community evaluate them with the resources that we have in order to tailor a summer program to Impact Hamilton
  • We give students an opportunity to get intensive training, mentoring and supervision throughout the summer in skills development and leadership

Over 25 “Alumni” have gone through this program and have earned valuable experience and are now working as Early Childhood Education, School Teachers, Pastors and Community Workers.

For more information on impact hamilton
please contact 905-575-0570