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This is where you'll find current info about events and announcements at Mount Hamilton Baptist.


Let’s Go Blue Jays

We are going to the Blue Jay game in Toronto on July 27! More information can be found on the Facebook event page or by speaking with Pastor Sam.


In August we will have a day where various church partners will host home BBQs! More info to follow.

Summer Reading Club

This summer our Pastors’ are sharing their book picks with you! In August, we will have discussion groups if you want to discuss the book(s) you read. Books for loan are in the library rack by the coffee counter or you can purchase them on your own:

  • Leanne’s Pick: Spiritual Parenting, By Michelle Anthony

    It's hard enough to train kids to behave, but good behavior isn't what Jesus calls for in the Bible. He wants hearts and souls that are shaped in vibrant faith and love toward God and others. In Spiritual Parenting, Dr. Michelle Anthony places the dependence upon God for our child and calls the reader to a heart posture of obedience and faithfulness. The end goal is a vibrant faith that is passed on from one generation to another.

  • Sam’s Pick: Ragamuffin Gospel, By Brennan Manning

    Most of us believe in God’s grace—in theory. But somehow we can't seem to apply it in our daily lies. We continue to see Him as a small-minded bookkeeper, tallying our failures and successes on a score sheet. Yet, God gives us His Grace, willingly, not matter what we’ve done. We come to Him as ragamuffins—dirty, bedraggled, and beat up. And when we sit at His feet, He smiles upon us, the chosen objects of His furious love. Brennan Manning’s now classic meditation on grace and what it takes to access it—simple honesty—has changed thousands of lives. It will change yours too.

  • Leslie’s Pick: celebration of discipline, By Richard Foster

    This book is hailed by many as the best modern book on Christian spirituality with millions of copies sold since its original publication in 1978. In it, Foster explores the central spiritual practices (or “classic disciplines”), of the Christian faith to show how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life. Foster, the bestselling author of several books, helps motivate Christians everywhere to embark on a journey of prayer and spiritual growth.

    * There are a few of these books for loan in the library rack by the coffee counter. They are also available online and in some bookstores.


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