Wherever you
find yourself
in life or faith,
come just
as you are.



We are a community
of people who God
has brought together
to learn, and
grow together.

Although we are made up of a wide variety of ages, histories, ethnic backgrounds and church experiences, we consider ourselves a family. As a family, everyone has an important role in the life of our church. Our motto is: “Come just as you are.” For us this means that we hope you will feel that you can join us wherever you find yourself in life or faith. Feel free to come to our service dressed however you feel comfortable and with whatever questions, doubts, concerns or uncertainties you may have about God.

Everyone is welcome in our family. We should tell you, however, that while our motto is “Come as you are” that we can’t promise you will stay as you are. We believe that Jesus has the ability to transform lives and make all things new. Our hope is that everyone who visits or joins MHBC, whether they have been Christians a long time or are totally new to the whole “God thing” will be changed by knowing God more.

What kind of church is Mount Hamilton Baptist. We are not a church that is all about having big programs every night of the week. We are also not a church that is overly concerned with our services looking sleek and polished each week. Instead, we are a church that hopes to help people live daily as God called them, and is intentional about creating safe spaces for people to learn how to do that.

Mount Hamilton Baptist is a member of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.


We know that
it can be a little
daunting to try
out a new church.

Here is what
you can expect
if you're coming to
Mount Hamilton
Baptist Church for
the first time?

Expect a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

We are very laid back and not particularly formal. We usually start a couple of minutes after 10:30, and people tend to trickle in throughout the service.

Expect that we will try to explain things to you

We try very hard to explain everything that we are doing – where to find something in the Bible, who the people are that we are talking about, where to find what you are looking for. We do our best to avoid “inside jokes,” and realize that the Bible is new for a lot of people.

Expect to eat cookies and juice after church

If you are able, plan to stay and join us for munchies after the service.

Expect your children to be cared for

If you would like, we have childcare for children under age 2 (nursery) and Sunday school from age 3- grade 5. Nursery runs the whole service, and children are invited up front for a children’s story after the first couple of songs before they go to Sunday School. If your child does not want to go up front, or would like you stay with them as they adjust to Sunday School, that is fine. All of our children’s workers have completed a Criminal Reference check.

Expect the service to last about one hour and fifteen minutes

We are usually finished by 11:45.

Don’t Expect…

We look forward to welcoming you when you come, but we will not “call you out” in the service or ask you to introduce yourself to everyone publicly. Sometimes we invite people to welcome each other or chat with people near them in their seats. If you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.


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